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Lynnay Della Luce is a female musician/ singer songwriter in the Atlanta area. She is very versatile in her musical abilities. You can catch her on the local scene playing bass, guitar and singing for cover bands as well as doing solo acoustic gigs. She loves to interact with the crowd and involve them while playing a wide range of high energy songs.

She is now in the process of recording a new album scheduled to be released Aug 25th 2015. It will be a mix of melodic pop rock and electronic music.

She will be releasing a single in May 2015 titled "Soaked in Gasoline" to give you a taste of what is to come on the upcoming album

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It looks like talks and meetings are in place to start recording a mini documentary for the next few months. I have a very talented team behind it with some great ideas that will give you a glimpse into the musician life as well as part of my personal life. I'm very excited because this is a chance to get to know me and my music better. Plus my amazing dog will be in in and he is super cute!

New single! 

New Single "Soaked in Gasoline" to be released in May! I'm super excited to announce that we are done with the final mix and it is going into Mastering right now.